Balancing Architectural Detail and Practical Needs

Whenever you are planning any element of interior design, for home or business, consider the practical effects of any bespoke detail. For example, are your dream interior design choices going to impact safety or practicality? Consider the actions in the long term: cleaning, the increase of electricity bills, protection of children. All these points need to be established before falling in love with your dream product or introducing building elements which may be difficult to reverse. This avoids time wasting and saving on future costs if something you envisioned doesn’t work for you or fits your daily routine. It’s important to consider that while some design choices may look wonderful, they won’t always be best or suitable for us on a practical level.

You need to think about working with a design that appeals to your personality and lifestyle, as well as which will be accessible and practical to you long term.

Smart Solutions and Furniture Layouts

It’s important to think creatively when it comes to modern furniture and storage solutions. When working with an interior designer on an existing space, you may need to think carefully about what you’d like to keep, and what you’d like to cast away. You must make sure to advise a designer on any pieces you wish to retain before going too deep into the planning process, in order to find a perfect location which could work with the style and design of your property! For example, a sculpture, artwork or an antique furniture item may need some careful thought and consideration as it can’t be placed anywhere within the room layout. All of these small details need to be discussed and agreed early on during the design process to ensure a smooth progress and project.

Here at Temza, we love space planning just as much as we love adding ornamental touches. We could help you create some truly stylish statements, and install modern art, for example, which could help to breathe new life into your property. In terms of storage, we can help to hide your everyday items away in ways which are smart and which co-operate well with your overall home design.

We pride ourselves on planning clearly for smart storage solutions in small spaces, too. Why not incorporate storage into seating like our Drakefell Road project, for example? Let us find new and exciting ways to make your space more practical, yet more visually exciting.


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