Heart Conditions And Pregnancy: What Mother-To-Be Should Know

Getting good care before, during and after pregnancy remains crucially vital. It can help babies completely grow and develop. However, cardiac disease in the pregnant patients can present challenges in cardiovascular and maternal-fetal management. Pregnant patients diagnosed with heart disease might develop aggravating symptoms during pregnancy which is induced by related conditions that overwork the heart, resulting in greater chances of heart failure. Health check-up before pregnancy is extremely important. It greatly helps to identify possible risks and early detect abnormalities prior to being pregnant. Treatment plan can be given appropriately, resulting in healthy lives of both mothers and babies.

Heart conditions that are usually diagnosed during pregnancy AND good care

Abnormal heart conditions during pregnancy might include:

  • Rheumatic heart disease, a condition in which the heart valves have been permanently damaged by rheumatic fever.
  • Unexplained heart abnormalities.
  • Myocarditis, an inflammation of the heart muscle caused by viral infections.
  • Additional suggestions that must be strictly followed include:

    • Prescribed medicines must be regularly taken. Taking drugs without prescription is strongly prohibited since certain drugs affect the growth and development of babies.
    • Special attention must be paid to avoid infections such as flu and urinary tract infection.
    • Remaining as healthy as possible e.g. proper exercise, sufficient rest and eating 5 food groups as advised by doctors.

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