IN 4 easy steps How to Design a Room

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How to Design a Room

Sometimes the most overwhelming part of the decorating process is figuring out where to begin!  The options seem endless and if you don’t know what you want, it’s really hard to create it.  It’s like taking a car trip without a destination or a map.  Sure, you’ll end up somewhere, but it may not be where you have in mind!  When you design a room, it’s essentially the same.

I have been overwhelmed at times, too, but I’ve come up with a series of questions & steps that help me create a plan so that I have something to work toward. This post is all about how to design a room by creating a design plan.

The plan has just 4 basic steps:
Read on to learn more about each one and to create your own design plan!

Step 1: Find Your Inspiration
I’ve posted about this subject before and I can’t stress how important it is to start with an inspiration piece.

What is an inspiration piece? Well, it could be almost anything! It might be a piece of art, a piece of furniture, a fabric swatch, a throw pillow, a rug, or even a picture of entire image of a room from a magazine. This is an important first step it’s mean to inspire you to get the project started. It’s like a little jump-start to get us excited and give us direction!

One caveat: Do not use a paint color as your inspiration. Why not? Because while color is one part of design, it doesn’t tell anything about the style or feel that you want to create. Instead, look for inspiration pieces that help define both your color and style preferences.

This is my current inspiration for my bathroom remodel. Does this mean that I’ll have a gold mirror and everything else exactly like this photo? No! It just means that the picture represents the look and feel of the space I want to create: timeless, elegant, sophisticated, clean.

Step 2: Function
Before making any purchases, figure out what you need by determining the function of the space.
A few helpful questions to ask yourself in determining a room’s function include:

Do you need seating? If so, for how many?
Do you require any special lighting?
Do you need storage?
Will you need flat surfaces, either for work or for display?
Is the flow of the room important?
Do you need to incorporate electronics into the space? If so, do you have adequate power and placement of the outlets?
Knowing a room’s function helps determine what items you should purchase for the space. Everyone wants a space that is both beautiful and functional. And while the fun part is often in the accessories and finishing touches that make a space beautiful, if a room isn’t functional, you won’t enjoy using it. So first and foremost, ensure that the space meets your functional needs!

Step 3: Style & Feel
If you know your style, then your already off to a good start. But what if you don’t? It’s okay to decorate even if you don’t have a defined style. As long as you know how you want the room to feel when you’re done, you’ll be okay!

Determine the emotions that you want the room to evoke
To do this, think of adjectives that describe how you want the room to feel and keep this list with you as you shop so that you can evaluate the items you purchase against your list. Do you want your space to feel cozy? Elegant? Relaxed? Energetic?


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