My Name is Yeh

A former New Yorker trained at Julliard (oh my!), Molly Yeh lives on a farm and loves baking. That would be a quick, very quick, impression. But here is the thing, Molly’s kitchen desserts are not merely some recreations of traditional recipes, but are a continuation of her simile – like a batch full of marzipan joy one cannot get enough of. So if you “suffer” from a sweet tooth, or simply want to feast your eyes in yummy colours,

My Name is Molly Yeh is definitely the place to be, actually… to reside. It’s the place to go if you have young children and are looking for some sweet, colorful, delicious inspiration. I don’t know if her former musical training has given her the recognition food has – besides her cookbook, Molly has appeared on famous TV food networks and various TV shows – but her beautifully inspired fairy tale desserts, ephemeral pieces of art, surely have!

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