The health benefits of sleep cannot be understated. Any part of your body that you hope to improve relies on your body’s built-in ability to heal, recharge, and grow stronger as you sleep.

Here are some quick tips to health benefitsimprove your sleep. of 

Make a schedule so you can go to sleep and wake up at a set time each day.
Remove distractions from your sleeping area.
Turn off the TV and stop using your cell phone 30 minutes to 1 hour before bed – Research has shown that the blue-green lights from the screens suppress the natural sleep hormone melatonin in our bodies, preventing us from winding down naturally in the evenings.
Get a white noise generator (or app) to cut out noises in your home that might awaken you before it is time to get up.
Set an alarm to wake you up at the appropriate time so you can get up and be active again.
As you begin going to sleep at the same time each night, you will find your body will naturally begin to wind down when it is time to go to bed!
By elevating your legs above your heart for a few minutes each day, you can help the blood and fluids flow back to your heart more easily. It also gives your legs a break and helps keep spider and varicose veins at bay.

Set time aside each day to elevate your legs.
It is best to find a good-quality pillow that is designed to elevate your legs while you are laying in bed or on the couch – You can easily find them online or in local stores.
Make sure your calves are also elevated above your thighs to ensure maximum effectiveness of this step.
Your legs should be elevated above the level of your heart for this to work correctly – If done regularly elevating your legs can decrease swelling, improve venous function, and reduce foot pain.
For more information on improving the health of your legs, or for help with varicose veins, spider veins, and other vascular issues

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