The Big “M” Casino, it’s the only casino in South Carolina

Big M Casino (ลิตเทิลริเวอร์, เซาท์แคโรไลนา) - รีวิว - Tripadvisor

All passengers must go through a security Casino  check before boarding. No guns, knives or anything Security may see as a weapon allowed on board. No outside food or beverage permitted onboard.
​There is no photo taking in the Casino at any time.
​Any expectant mothers, passage is at the Captain’s discretion; as a practice, pregnant mothers over 24 weeks may be refused passage.
Cash, VISA, MasterCard and American Express are all accepted at ticketing office for boarding fee and buffet.
Once aboard, all games accept CASH only. ATM is located by the Casino Cashier Deck on board for your convenience.


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