The contemporary house and its environment

Contemporary house

The environment often plays an important role both inside and outside of a contemporary house, both in aesthetics and in ethics. The contemporary house is an envelope which, in many aspects, is translucent between the inside and the outside, and lets the light enter and the gaze go out.

In harmony with the environment it enhances by a frank contrast (shapes and materials) or in which it melts (house built on a sloping or exiguous land, windowed facades, courtyard) or hides itself (green roof, “buried” house), a well-designed house can also take advantage of an exceptional panorama over a great landscape (view on the sea, nature or city) or of a natural or urban environment (opening onto a garden or a park, different levels on a slope, creation of patios).

From the point of view of respect for the environment and the reduction of energy requirements, the design of a modern house also focuses on sustainable architecture practices, and the use building materials that do not harm the environment and its occupants, or do not emit CO2.


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