The Fully Renovated Paris Apartment of a Fashion Power Player

vintage Florence Knoll rosewood

In the background is a vintage rosewood Florence Knoll cabinet from the 1960s. The “pills” are a lamp by Cesare Casate and Emanuele Ponzi, 1960. The hanging light fixture is RAAK. On the walls: a blue lithograph by Francois Morellet called 1000 Squares, and a work

Fashion insider Edouard Schneider has taste. He’s made a career in communications for Swarovski, Sonia Rykiel, Martin Margiela, Louis Vuitton, and now Acne Studios. A Parisian for the past 20 years, Edouard recently found himself moving to what is now his third apartment in the capital, but always in the hip areas of the 3rd and the 10th arrondissements.

At about 1,270 square feet, Edouard shares this two-bedroom, two-bath apartment with his partner, Dan Gotlieb, who is in charge of global celebrities at Cartier. Though stunning now, the place was in a very different state initially, and everything had to be redone. “This was about five years ago and one of the first places I saw,” Edouard explains. “I loved the volume, but it was a showroom and only had a toilet in the entrance. I was afraid of all the work needed, so I kept looking and looking. I finally decided, Why not this one? But it was already sold. It came back on the market, and I ended up redoing everything.”

The space ended up needing a major renovation; there weren’t any bathrooms, and all the plumbing had to be laid. “There weren’t any rooms!” Edouard shares. “I loved doing all of the work, always have. My father is an architect and so is my best friend, Dario Mucedda of Cabinet 2D, who worked on this place with me.” The space still had a few surprises for Edouard, ”Fortunately the floors had been protected and there were nice parquet floors under the carpeting.”

For Edouard, working with his best friend was great, but, in his own words, “I’m a total control freak. Dario wanted to do the black wall, which I didn’t, but he convinced me, and it really works.” He also wanted to prioritize a treasured collection: “I collect lamps and they are everywhere here! When we first started the apartment I arrived at the meeting with a PowerPoint of all of my lamps.” He continues, “For me, the most important thing was to determine where all of them would go; this was first.”


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