Too much salt is also bad for your health

Spice Up Your Life - Spicy Food's Health Benefits

Aside from the love of salty dishes, Thai people have the habit of adding more soy sauce or fish sauce into their food. This puts them at risk for hypertension, kidney diseases, and heart diseases. Sodium is a nutrient that is essential to human life. The primary source of sodium in the diet is salt.salty dishes  Sodium plays a key role in muscle contraction, nerve conduction and water balance in the body. However, despite sodium’s role as an essential nutrient, experts recommend to limit sodium intake per day. Too much sodium consumption can increase blood pressure and cause the body to hold onto fluid. High blood pressure is a major risk factor for heart attack, stroke and other cardiovascular problems.

Easy ways to reduce sodium consumption

  • Eat less than 1 teaspoon of sodium per day (2,000 milligrams)
  • Avoid adding fish sauce or salt to your food
  • Avoid processed food, fermented food, and crispy snacks
  • Avoid having too much sauce as part of your meal
  • Add spices or lime juice to your food instead of fish sauce

There are many ways to reduce sugar, fat, and sodium consumption. This reduces our risk of heart diseases. Also, having regular checkup is important in order to assess the risks. For patients with genetic risk factors, it is best to have a regular check-up with a cardiologist.

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